why, hello there

I’m just another portrait and landscape photographer who’s obsessed with Amazon, dancing, chicken wings, milk, Hallmark movies, Christmas sweaters, and cats. I suffer from the millennial fad of wanderlust and this is a way to share my love of people and Earth’s beauty.


Artist Statement
It’s rather simple. The reason I create is because I find indescribable joy and satisfaction when doing so. The bonus comes when I am able to inspire others to feel something. It makes me feel complete—like I’ve accomplished something I was meant to do.


Frequently my mind becomes occupied with ideas that can only be forced out by creation. I require myself to think outside the box and come up with new concepts. The balance of color and careful attention to detail is a significant part of my creative process. The old adage of “less is more” is a recurring theme in my work because it makes me feel like I have control and stability.


The main goal of my art is to reflect light. Light from my beliefs, experiences, and values, but most of all the light I receive from God. My talents and creativity would not be possible without Him, our first Creator. I chase light. I create it. I reflect it.


And because of Him, I must share it.